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Gadget Unit: [May 2015] The “Ultimate” $500 Triple-boot PC Build (Video)

RAM – Apotop 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 RAM Kit (U3A4Gx2-16CBWB)

Price: $62.99 – Newegg

Another sponsored component was the memory kit, provided by Apotop. While this memory kit isn’t the most affordable option around, it gets the job done perfectly fine. It features a white and purple Apotop-branded heatspreader (to help with heat dissipation) while the actual stick/DIMM uses a green PCB. I prefer RAM that’s black, but this will fit the build just fine as the case doesn’t feature a side panel to see through to the inside anyway. Read more at
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GECID: Продукт серии Apotop Wireless Smart Device отмечен наградой Taiwan Excellence
Компания Carry Technology Co., Ltd. с гордостью сообщила, что ее подразделение Apotop в очередной раз смогло выиграть престижную награду Taiwan Excellence, опередив при этом 1155 продуктов конкурентов. Знаком отличия отмечено устройство Apotop Wi-Backup Wireless Smart Device, которое входит в серию Apotop Wireless Smart Device.
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Geek & Sundry : iBuyPower Twitch Computer Build (SSD: Apotop 256GB S3C SSD at 2:14 minute mark)
Twitch hosts Zac Eubank and Stef Woodburn build the Twitch Streaming machine provided by our sponsor iBuyPower
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Tweaktown Review: Apotop i-Selfie Join Me Wireless Smartphone Photo Snapper Review
You're intrigued enough to open the review and that's the first step. Today, I'll be taking a look over the i-Selfie Join Me by Apotop - it's one of those mobile accessories that at first glance looks a little silly, however, has an actual purpose that may be hidden to most.
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MEGATech Reviews: Apotop i-Selfie Join Me
Apotop’s i-Selfie device doesn’t look like much. It’s small and rubber and, in my case, powder blue. It looks like a creature you would see in a Pixar movie, utterly alien in design. I’ve come to learn that its unassuming appearance is part of its charm, though, because the i-Selfie does what it does very well. Read more at
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BigBruin: Apotop Wi-Copy Personal Cloud Storage and Wireless Router
In this review we will be looking at the Apotop Wi-Copy (DW21) which is touted as being a personal cloud storage device and wireless router, perhaps a bit like the Kingston Mobilelite Wireless series we have covered a few times. For those who are not familiar with them, Apotop is a brand of Carry Technology Company Limited that was founded with the mission to develop innovative storage and portable wireless products to enhance productivity of mobile devices. In addition to the Wi-Copy, Apotop also manufactures SSDs, memory cards, USB flash drives, DDR3 memory, and a variety of mobile accessories.
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TechwareLabs: Apotop Wi-Copy Review
If there was ever a gadget that I would consider the Swiss army knife of its day, it would be the Apotop Wi-Copy (DW21). From school, to the airport, to the hotel, and back again, this pocket sized mobile device can transfer files wirelessly, act as a power bank for your devices, become your personal cloud storage, and acts as a personal router all without ever utilizing a PC.
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Phoronix: Apotop Wi-Copy
A new gadget we received recently at Phoronix from Apotop is their Wi-Copy device. Apotop's Wi-Copy is an interesting little device that can serve as a personal WiFi router / hot-spot, wireless/wired card reader, and as a USB device charger.
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