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Date :2014/10/16
The App compatibility issue caused by iOS 8 has been solved and the revised Apps are now available in APPLE App Store. Please download the App as soon as possible for your Wi-Reader, Wi-Copy & Wi-Backup.
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Date :2014/10/14
With the popularity of the newly launched iOS 8, many users reflect the compatibility issue between iOS 8 and other Apps, including the Apps of Apotop Wireless products. Accordingly, we’ve been dealing with the case and the updated Apps of Wi-Reader, Wi-Copy and Wi-Backup for iOS 8 users should be ready to be downloaded in APPLE App Store by this week. Apologize for any inconvenience caused and thanks for your understanding and support!
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Date :2014/07/16
為讓已經購買產品的客戶也能享受更好的產品穩定性與相容性,AP-U2、AP-U6推出新的韌體更新。 您可以直接於
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